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Michigan Produce Availability Calender-Fruits and Vegetables Availability

I wanted to make it easier for the customers at our local farmers market to know when certain Michigan fruits and vegetables  would be in season, it makes it easier to plan for things like canning, freezing, and for some it can save time and a trip. We don’t have a phone at the stand but if you stop by the our Market near U.S. 27 in Clare Mi ask for my Phone number and you can find out right on the road by sending a text.

Michigan Produce Availabilty Calender~ Michigan Vegetables in Season

Here are some most of the vegetables we carry and when you can expect to find them in season at offered at the market.  Remember we also have fresh Michigan Maple Syrup and local Michigan honey all through the entire season. We also carry things like apple cider and fall decor along with hardy mums in the fall. Here is the Michigan vegetable availability calender.

Michigan Produce Availability Calender.

Availability Calender for Michigan Vegetables.

 Michigan Availablity Calender for Fruits

Below are some of the most common Michigan fruits and when you can find them available and fresh.

Michigan Fruit Availabilty Calender~ What Fruits are In Season in Michigan

Michigan Fresh Fruits Availablity Calender

If you have questions about what we are currently offering at the market feel free to stop by if you are in the area. I also like to give current updates week to week on our FaceBook page, you can go and LIKE the FaceBook page by visiting the FaceBook Icon at the top left of this website.  That has proven to be the easiest way to let everyone know what Michigan fruits and vegetables are available and when.   If you have any feedback, questions or comments let me know.