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Deer Feed For Central Michigan Hunters-Sugar Beets-Carrots-Apples-Corn

Deer BaitWe’ve decided to offer deer feed to Central Michigan hunters and those looking for deer bait as they travel north on U.S. 127 to their favorite hunting spot. If you are coming from the south heading north take the second Clare exit, if you are traveling south just take the only Clare exit. Right now we have sugar beets, Carrots, and shelled corn for deer feed. Feel free to contact me at 989-284-8251 with any questions, I’d be happy to help.

Deer Bait By the Bag

We mainly offer deer feed (deer bait) by the bag and we’ve got the big bags.  Our bags weigh between 40 and 50 pounds.  We offer a bulk deer feed discount that works like this:  Deer Carrots and Sugar Beets are $5.50 a bag is you just by one or two.  You can get 4 for $20.00 dollars which saves you a couple bucks… no pun intended.  Our bulk deer deal gets a little better, when you buy 10 bags of sugar beets or carrots or a combination of both you’ll only pay $45.00 which works out to $4.50 a bag saving yourself a whole buck a bag. or look at is as getting a couple bags free if you buy 8 at full price.

Deer feed by the Scoop

We will usually have sugar beets by the scoop that you can purchase.  The beets will be dumped into a trailer or truck of your choosing.  The scoop price is $45.00 and a scoop weighs about 1000 lbs.

Deer Apples

We are getting apples for deer bait this weekend.  Like I’ve mentioned the apples will be more expensive that most years.  While I’m still working on getting the best price on apples, I think they will cost between $8.00 and $10.00.  Apples will usually run about the same price of beets and carrots but this year we just can’t make that happen.  I do feel apples will be even better this year for attracting deer as their aren’t any apples in the wild.


Again we offer deer carrots, sugar beets for deer, shelled corn for deer bait, and deer apples.

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  • Deer feed for sale October 23, 2012, 4:08 pm

    We now have apples, corn, beets and carrot deer feed for sale. We are located in central Michigan at the north exit for Clare mi. Deer bait is for sale every day all day

  • Jordan Bremer January 28, 2015, 1:35 am

    Selling Cribs of scrap produce at Victory Farms.
    This would make great Deer or Cattle Feed for the winter.
    Cribs are 4 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet
    We have cribs of Turnips, Celery Root, Rutabaga, Parsnips (white carrots) or Red Beets
    We have a crib dumper and Fork Lifts –

    $30 for one crib order. $50 for two cribs. (2 cribs will fill the bed of 8′ pickup trucks)
    *If you purchase three or more cribs it is $10 per crib. So 3 cribs = $30 , 4 cribs = $40 and so on… (loaded onto a flatbed truck, dump truck or trailer)*

    -Looking for larger volume, as oppose to pickup loads, so it is the same price whether you buy 1 crib or 3 cribs.

    $50 deposit for each crib, $50 is reimbursed when cribs are returned
    We produce several cribs of scrap per day till spring
    If interested please email or call or text me at show contact info
    Thanks a lot!

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